Tuesday, May 18, 2010


How many of us have them?
Ones we can depend on
Before we go any further, lets be
Friends ~Whodini (old rap group)

This is the song I kept singing in my head when I decided to blog about this topic. I use that term loosely because I suck at the blogging thing.

I've never been the type of person to make or have a lot of friends. I don't know what it is about me, but I'm just not one of those people who attract others. I think once people get to know me they like me, but until then they just pass me by. I don't right that for sympathy, but just so you understand what I mean. So moving on to the meat of this post...I want to know how many "real" friends do you have? Do you count your "online" friends in your "real" friends circle? I'm VERY active online..I Facebook, Twitter, Blog and I am also the member of a few online groups. I tend to share a lot (sometimes WAY WAY too much information) about myself. I'm just wondering if others do this or am I just the big LOSER who is lonely and wishing for a friend.

Every time a join a new online circle I find so many similarities with people. I find myself wishing they lived closer because we could be really good friends. Then I think that was a really stalkerish thought and shy away. What this really comes down to is I'm looking for friendly (and a little kick ass) support in all areas of my life. The trouble is at 37 most have already found their friends for life and they are happy with that. This is a regular conversation I have with my husband who has a ton of friends and can't relate to how I feel. Men are different, if they scratch in the same spot then they are BFFs for life. I've never spoken to anybody else about this and writing about it is giving me serious agita. Feels like I'm posting an add on match.com or something. With that being said I'm going to lower my loser flag and add another goal to the list.

*Goal-This is a non weight related goal. As you see I got the nerd thing going strong here. I've been trying desperately to get my blog looking pretty but I just can't do it. IT'S HARD!!! I want to make a pretty blog...I want to learn some basic coding or at least get a nice font and color.


  1. Hey there! Ok...So I'm here to help you on getting your blog all fancy :) Go to a website like http://hotbliggityblog.com/ or http://www.thecutestblogontheblock.com/free/free-backgrounds.html and pick out a background you'd like. If the html code does not already come up, click on the picture to get the code. Copy the html code and then go back to your blog, go to the dahsboard, setect "layout" and where it says "Add a gadget", click on that. The 4th choice down is "HTML/Javascript" and click on the plus sign box. It will bring up a box. Leave the title black and in the content box, plast the HTML code you copied from the other website and "save". it should then update your page to have the nice decorations you chose. Hopefully this works for you! :)

    When it comes to friends, I used to be so much better at making friends in high school in college. I like to think I am very social, but not as much as I was, now that I have gotten older and wiser. I live in a small town in florida and I have few friends at all locally. I just have't really found anyone that I consider friend material. Friendship is something I don't treat lightly and with the local women, there just isn't anything that makes me want to get to know them, be their attitude, personality or just maybe that I'm a friendship snob. In my blog, I put everything out there. Stuff that I don't share with even my long term friends because they wouldn't be able to relate with me on many respects. Do my online friendships mean any less? Heck no! I truly have grown to care about everyone I meet through the blogs and I am one to feel that distance doesn't diminish the bonds of friendships. Why do you think I am traveling to chicago to meet 50 women I've never seen in person? :) Every one of us is different, but we have all struggled in one way or another and we can understand and support each other. I believe that the world is full of strangers just waiting to be friends, it's all the matter of finding them.

    Feel free to friend me on facebook, Genise!! My link is on my blog!

  2. It's so funny that you did this post now. I had dinner last night with Linda of Linda's Bandwith http://lindasbandwidth.blogspot.com. She's been very successful with the band and it was a privilege meeting her. It was actually even more than a privilege, I'm hoping I made a new friend. I totally agree that as we get older, it's harder to make good friends. My 2 best friends I've known since I was 18. I have work friends, but we really don't socialize much outside of work. I had some neighbors who I thought might become friends, but didn't work out. My husband and I talk a lot about how crazy it is that we don't have more couples as friends. I don't think you are a loser by sharing so much on your blog. Writing is therapeutic and this is a very supportive environment. I think there are probably more adults like us, still looking to make friends, than you think.

  3. Genise - of course you can use the sticky notes! I put the link at the top of my blog, and here it is too... http://wigflip.com/superstickies/. As for friends, I hear you. I am VERY blessed to have a fair number of good friends and 3 or 4 "best" friends... but I don't take it lightly. And I am not sure how many "bests" I have close by if that makes sense... and the friendships do change! Hang in there - i've made some wonderful blogging friends via the writing! And for getting cool backgrounds, check out the upper left hand corner of blogs you like - often times the link to the site where they got the backgrounds (free) is there, like I use shabbyblogs.com and a few others. Have fun! You can always fix it!!!