Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Versatile Blogger Award!

So I'm always a day late and a dollar short...SORRY!

I was awarded the The Versatile Blogger Award by Shea last week, and I am just getting around to the rules of the award.

  1. Thank the person giving you the award - check!
  2. Share 7 things about yourself
  3. Nominate 15 newly discovered blogs.
  4. Let your nominees know about the award.

7 Things you may not know...(be afraid)

  1. I LOVE all things reality and my DVR is my best friend.  Part of my surgery prep has been making sure my DVR is updated.  I've been deleting and recording all types of things for me to watch while I'm home recovering.  I ONLY admit this as the first step in getting help for my TVRA (TV Reality Addiction)
  2. I secretly think I'm Beyonce and I can prove it.  We both have the same signature move of whipping our hair around in public (see video-I'm the one in the yellow sprinting across the yard).  I planned to name my band Beyonce but we all know what happened there.  Needless to say I should limit myself to ONE glass of wine when in public, and my husband is armed with a video camera.
  3. I was raised Jewish and a strict vegetarian. Not sure if you know this or not but I'm black and that was a little odd at the time. They treated me like their own and I will always love them for that
  4. I really want to be a wedding planner.  I love to organize and see all the little details come together. The problem is I have zero taste or any eye for anything unique and/or special.  In addition I'm the type who will be late for her own funeral.
  5. I AM THE NOSIEST PERSON ON THE PLANT.  I sleep with my police scanner...again I admit these things because that is the first step in realizing you have a problem.
  6. I have SERIOUS boob envy.  I've always been on the smaller side and I constantly size up women wishing I had their bust size.  I would take a boob job over a tummy tuck any day of the week.
  7. Even though I suck at it I LOVE blogging.  My grammar is horrible and I never have anything insightful to say but it's so therapeutic.  People who don't know me and will never meet me in person take a few minutes to read my crazy thoughts floating in my head.  I will always be grateful and appreciative of that.  This experience has been a roller coaster to say the least, but people have remained my friend and keep coming back to support me post after post.  You will never understand how much that means to me.  Thank You!
Nomination of a Few Good Bloggers!
Kristen-I'm with the band - She inspired me to start my own blog and she is a fellow Bostonian
Wanda-The Evolution of Wandanomics - My Sister from another Mother
Gilly-something something something Fat Chick -she is hilarious and I enjoy reading her blog
Kristen-*Kristen's Lapband Journey* - something about that southern charm keeps me checking her progress..and she is gorgeous to boot
Amanda-Amanda's Waning - I relate to her more than she knows.  She is a beautiful person.
Grace-Grace's Fat Chance - She has a special place in my heart.  She reminds me of someone I know and love dearly..my daughter
Drazil-It's just Me, Drazil & Sheniqua - we all know she needs no explanation
Brittanie-Yup... I Said it. - A tiny peek into the youthful mind of the future.  I've loved this young women since the day she was born.  Even through our ups and downs of onesies and pepsi fights.  She has been a solid influence in my daughter's life and I love her for that
Athena-Athena's Melting - she is a beautiful writer and her selection of pictures is worth a drive by of her blog
Stephanie-Dreams of Skinny High Heals - on the outside she looks like this cute soccer mom and then you read on and she has the BEST potty mouth..LOVE IT
LDswims-A Journey to Embrace - always there with an encouraging comment..thank you
Debi-Hawaii Bound Bandster - gave me my very first shout out and Happy Birthday to YOU!
ALL of the my followers!  Thankfully I haven't lost one due to my craziness and I love each and every one of them

P.S.  I'm on Day 9 of my pre-op diet and it still sucks.  It doesn't suck as bad as Day 1, but it's no day at the beach.  I've lost 9 pounds so far and I'm more emotionally hungry than anything.  I've slipped a few times in terms of eating more meat than allowed but I've haven't strayed completely.  I've just been trying to lay low until Monday rolls around and I can get this this whole thing over with.  I'm getting on my own nerves so I can imagine how annoyed the people around me are.


    1. I LOVE your Beyonce hair twirl! Go girl!

    2. You are almost there, 6 days, Yipppeeee

    3. You are SO close! I know you can keep it up. You are doing great--9 lbs in 9 days?!?! Awesome!

      Thank you for the award, Genise! You are too sweet. I must say, your daughter must be pretty neat ;)

    4. Thank you so much for the Award and the Birthday wishes!!

      You are doing fantastic on the Pre-Op Diet!! Just hang in there! :)

    5. Me a potty mouth? No f-ing way!!! I fool a lot of people. I look all sweet and innocent, but once you know me...look out! Thanks for the award. You are doing so well on your preop. I am so proud of you. I have to admit, you are the only jewish black woman I've ever met. If you were a lesbian, you'd have a minority trifecta goin' on....(and you KNOW I don't mean that in a bad way) Way cool. Celebrate diversity, I say!!!