Thursday, March 25, 2010

Three down and One to GO!!

Whew what a whirlwind day!

I worked a double last night and had to turn around and come back to work at 7am.
Had a 7:45am appt for my Upper GI test YUCKY
Had a 10am with the Dietitian. Went over the lap band and sleeve diet (more about that in a minute). I also found out that I need to do the Preoperative Diet for two weeks. Thanks to this didn't come as a surprise.
Then changed the date of my surgery to August 23rd YaY!

I was finally able to speak to someone about getting the sleeve instead of the band. After doing the research I figure why not go full tilt with this thing. From what I've heard my particular insurance has a good track record for approving the sleeve. I'm ok with either one but the sleeve sure would be nice :) I'm also having serious anxiety about being hungry. I'm a total Bitch when I'm hungry and really not sure if I can stick to the whole diet. The main reason why I'm 240 now is because of my portion sizes. I'm going to attend the next support group and find out exactly what I'm in for.

I only have my sleep study on April 22nd then everything should head over to BCBS. I'm hoping that they can leave out that horrible psychiatry visit (that thing is still weighing on my mind). I wonder how long the approval process takes. I'm n0t very good at waiting for things

Well I've babbled long enough...stay tuned for more random thoughts

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