Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Just checkin in

Don't have much going on but wanted to check in anyway. I'm getting ready for Easter and the nice but busy weekend. I've spent my life savings on Easter basket fillings. Hopefully my children will find it in their hearts to appreciate our efforts. I'm also going to see the new Tyler Perry movie with the girls. I hear we are supposed to hit 80 degrees this weekend. It will be nice to finally put away the ark once and for all. Even though I don't mind the rain it's become a bit much.

I've also been doing a bit of research on VSG to see if BCBS covered it and found this on their website:

We cover the following gastrointestinal surgeries for obesity in patients who meet the requirements below:
Gastric Restrictive Procedures
• Vertical-banded gastroplasty (gastric stapling)


We do not cover the following gastrointestinal surgeries since they are considered investigational and do not meet the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Medical Technology Assessment Guidelines, #350
• Sleeve gastrectomy, either as the sole procedure or as one step in a staged procedure, since it is considered investigational as a treatment for morbid obesity.

...sounds like it's all a play on words to me

I did speak with Dr. Lautz's office and they don't seem overly concerned about being approved for VSG instead of the band but what do they care. It's a job to's a life changing decision to me. Wish I could have a do-over with Dr. Lautz. Due to my appointment being moved up I was so unprepared when we met the first time.

Well if anybody is reading this I hope you enjoy your weekend!

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