Thursday, April 29, 2010

I'm so excited and I just can't hide it

As you can see I finally fixed my comment issue.  Come to find out it was my I Love Lucy template causing the problem.  I haven't given up Lucy yet but for now I must settle for my favorite color purple.  So stop by often to see what new and interesting changes I've made to my layout.  Speaking of layout I have a few questions:

Due to my blog obsession I've visited a ton of REALLY nice blogs.  I will come across something or other that I would like to use on mine.  What is the protocol for "stealing" a widget or gadget?  I would think it may get annoying if I email that person to ask them if I could steal use a particular item from their blog.  I also don't want to be know as a copy cat either.

Next question...where is your favorite template, widget, gadget site?  Maybe I could poke around there and come up with ideas of my very own.  The main items I'm looking for are:
  • Facebook widget
  • Pictures widget (I want to show off my peeps)
  • A snappy template..maybe even something that would involve I Love Lucy or purple Tulips...I know that is a strange combo but I have equal love for them as I do my children..and hubby too (he found my blog yesterday...not that I was hiding it but somebody *cough Kevin cough* doesn't listen when I say things)
Thanks to all who helped me out with my comments issue.  I also want to welcome my brand spankin new followers.  They rolled in fast and furious yesterday and I couldn't be happier to make new blog buddies.  I will be making my way to your neck of the woods very soon to say hello

Hope everyone has a great day and a lovely weekend (in the event I don't post again)


  1. Hi happy you got everything all worked out!

  2. Glad to see that you can now get comments! Sorry I can't help you with the other widgets, but I suck at things like that!!

  3. Yay comments fixed! I have had this sucks. I don't know about templates, I have had problems with non-Google/Blogger templates. Seems like the ones with just different backgrounds, like do not have the comment issues. With a program like you can totally design your blog however you like, upload the Lucy pics or whatever...but it costs $50.

  4. I went to and it pretty much took me step by step on how to design. I'm not very technical so if I can do it, anybody can do it. We all have certain similarities to our blogs as far as widgets (is that the same as a gadget? See I told you I wasn't technical) I go to my blog layout tab and select add gadget and a bunch come up that I can select from. Beyond that, I'm clueless.

  5. Steal anything you want from mine though mine isn't too snazzy! Glad you're having fun in blogland!