Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dear Genise


I've let you have your moment long enough.  It's time to get up, dust yourself off and put your game face on. Stop feeling so defeated!   

YOU control what you eatYOU control what you do.  YOU control how you act

If you continue to wallow in self pity then you will not achieve your goals.  This is an uphill battle and I know that your strong enough win.   You cannot continue to look at the big picture because that is where you begin to fail.  Begin this journey by starting small. Congratulate yourself for making better choices today instead of beating yourself up over yesterday.  Pretty soon all your small victories will turn into big changes.  This is a life long fight that you're not going to win overnight.  

So here is your new game plan:
  • You're going to pack your lunch - your very successful when you stay out of the cafe
  • You're going to get off your ass - stop turning down offers to walk around the pond that is five mins from your house
  • Next week you're going add another item to your list and you're going to stick with it.  
You do not have a choice!  You want to fit into your fat clothes right?  You want to stop buying fat fat clothes right? You're not going to roll into that operating room any bigger than you are now.
When you're feeling discouraged please come back and read this note to yourself. 

One more thing...STAY THE FUCK OFF THE SCALE.  Seeing this number is not good for your psyche.

With Love,



  1. Stay strong...You will persevere!!!

  2. Genise - love this letter to yourself - I think you should print it - put one on the fridge, in the car, on the mirror, etc. Awesome.

  3. Sometime only you can lift you up... Love it!

  4. Thanks guys...your comments really mean a lot to me.

    Brittanie I'm working on being less crazy..thanks for being honest

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