Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I struggled all weekend about my decision to proceed with bypass surgery.  I finally decided that I needed to go back to the basics.  So out comes the good old Pros and Cons list.  You already know that I'm a glass half empty kinda gal so Cons first:

  • Death/Complications
  • Not big enough for this type of surgery
  • Strict nutritional guidelines
  • Hair loss
  • Longer recovery
  • Lose to much weight in the wrong places (end up looking like a crack head)
  • Excess skin (no money for plastic surgery)
  • Relationship changes (marriage, friends, family)
  • Better chance at losing/maintaining 100lbs +
  • Improved self esteem
  • Less joint/body pain
  • Healthier lifestyle
  • More energy
  • Do something for me
  • Decreased stress
  •  Start living my life again
  • Prevention of comorbidities (I've been teetering on a few in the last couple of years)
Most of these pro and cons are the same reason I decided to get the Lap Band.  I won't know everything until I get on the other side but I really want this.  The route has changed but the ultimate goal is still the same.  I'm not willing to give up my dreams of building the best ME that I can. 

I've decided to have gastric bypass surgery.   I'm comfortable with my decision and I hope that others will be able to support me and help me through this journey.

    I would like to thank the people who posted comments on my last post.  I was really shell shocked by the news and your comments really helped.  I plan to keep blogging and hopefully you guys won't leave me.


      1. I, for one, would never leave you! I am so glad you are going to continue your journey to the ultimate goal: being in shape and healthy!!!

        <3 you, girl!

      2. Taking control is taking control. You won't lose my support for that!

        Being comfortable with your decision matters the most anyway. If people walk away because of that, then, I'd think, anyway, they were onboard for the wrong reasons.

      3. I lol'd at the crack head comment. (Sorry but I know someone who is teetering on the edge of looking like that so it was funny to me. - by the way it's from Lapband not GB)
        You are going to be happy with your decision. I think they have come such a long way with GB. Are you doing traditional bypass or is it RNY or gastric sleeve?

      4. Thanks Guys!!!

        @Jennifer-I will be having Lap RNY. I'm very worried about the crackhead thing because my face is already skinny enough. It's the bottom half off me that needs all the attention. Every time I say that people "crack" up

      5. Congrats on making the best decision for you and your healthy future! :) I will be here to read your posts and be your cheerleader along the way. yay!

      6. You are going to rock the Lap RNY! I know several people who have had it and I don't think any of them looks like a crack head.

        While there are difference between the surgeries, the point is that they are both really effective tools for acheiving your weight loss goals. I'll be here reading as long as you keep posting. Just don't abandon us for all the "cool" Lap RNY kids!

      7. Congrats on a great decision! We're here for you!!!! DeeDee

      8. I am here for you Genise and will always support you!

      9. I'm not going anywhere! I'm here to join you on your journey. We may take different paths, but our desitnation is the same!!!

      10. Girl, we are here for you and it's about taking control and like you said you are just taking a different road. The crackhead thing is funny because a friend told me that she hopes I don't lose too much weight and end up looking like a bobblehead (I have a big head).

      11. Good for you. this is great news.

      12. I'm proud of you for making this decision. I was worried too about the lap band family not being too happy with my choice to get the sleeve but they've been very supportive so don't worry! You just do what you need to do! I will for sure support you 100%! No matter what surgery we get, we're all going through similar things. :) Congrats and good luck!!