Monday, August 9, 2010

and away we go...Day One

Today starts my 14 day liquid diet.  I'm trying to keep a positive head about the whole thing but I'm terrified that I am going to stave to death.  I have several projects lined up to keep me busy, but as of right now all I want to do is nap.  I'm almost grateful they make you do this.  It's a good prep before your actual surgery.  I will have plenty of time to work on my head hunger.  I'm also doing medication and that seems to help calm me down when I go off the deep end.

I will be posting often during this phase as I will need someone to vent to.  I will also be posting my "before" stats and pictures at some point this week.  Hubby is doing my pictures and measurements tonight.  Then I will need to crop them so I don't scare anybody for life

I also want to say Thank You again to my blog friends.  You guys have been really supportive throughout this crazy ride and it's much appreciated.

Stay tuned the fun is just beginning!


  1. i'm just starting my 2nd week and let me tell you this is the hardest thing i've ever had to do. day 1 and day 2 were fine for me. but watch out for 3 and 4 they're doozies. lol. but you're right. it forces you to tackle your emotional eating. it doesn't give you that option. i've been forced to find otherwise to comfort myself. its a great prep. good luck to you! and when times get tough just remember you're almost there!!

  2. Ohh lord! I napped for the first two days!! I'm sure you'll do just fine!!

  3. Email me anytime at if you need to vent, scream or stay away from non-pre-op food. I know what you are going through, but you will be strong, sister! :)

  4. Girl - we are here for you - if you need to blog 16x a day - we'll read it. You CAN do this. I know you can...and I know no one starves to death cuz most of the people I follow have had to do this. You're worth this and so much more...take care of you!