Monday, August 30, 2010

Barely Surviving The First Week

*Disclaimer-This is going to be short and sweet but I wanted to get a post in...and please excuse anything that sounds odd I'm still fairly fuzzy

So I had my RNY Gastric Bypass on Monday, August 23rd.  Things went well considering all the could have gone wrong.

Monday - S-U-C-K-E-D!  I came out of surgery well but the good drugs were a bit to good for me.  I couldn't handle them so they switched me over to morphine that evening. 

Tuesday - Still sucked but I was able to remember to whom I spoke with

Wednesday - I thought this was going to be my day to shine..WRONG!  I couldn't swallow and was still very swollen from the surgery and hernia repair.  I freaked out a few times and they finally told me to stop trying and wait until tomorrow

Thursday - I was advanced to Stage 2 in the morning and was discharged late morning. 

Since being home I've been trying to work Stage 2 but I'm just DONE!  I can't tolerate another shake and I'm grumpy and funky.  I've been getting in all the water I can, and I just started take my vitamins as recommend.  I put in a call to the nutritionist to find out if there is a creative way to get in my protein.  I am walking as much as possible but that is no easy task either.  I really hope things turn the corner for me soon cause at this very moment I regret this decision. 

Every now and again my hubby takes a peek at my blog so I just want him and the world to know...

I Love You So Much!  Getting this far would have never ever been possible with out you.  My husband and my kids have been there with me through every pain and whine and I love them for that



  1. i am sooo sorry you are not felling better. You can do this, you have come so far and your body will heal and you will loss the weight and reach your goals, You will, You will.

  2. I love you, too, girl! I am so happy you came through the surgery safely. Right after surgery is really rough and you're probably thinkin "WTF did I do to myself?!" But you are going to do great! I just know it!!!

  3. I am so happy that you made it through and all is going well. Please keep us updated!! :)

  4. Glad to hear that you're on the mend. Take it easy and continue to heal.

  5. It gets easier. I SWEAR it does! I miss you at the meetings, but seeing that you had GB, I now understand why. I have a few friends who have had GB recently---so let me know if you need anyone with recent experience for a boost. I know they'd be willing to talk to you! Good luck. Get some rest! :) Paige

  6. Not sure how I missed this, but hope you are feeling better now.