Monday, October 4, 2010

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly!

Hello out there in Blogger Land!  I've been so miserable I forgot the purpose of my blog.  I started this thing so I could journal my "progress"and  reflect back on all my milestones.

So let's get ya'll up to speed shall we...

The Good
I've lost 40lbs
I've been advanced to Stage 3-mushy foods
I can finish a shower without passing out
My breath doesn't smell like donkey butt
The support from friends and family

The Bad
I'm still having swelling/swallowing issues
Going back to work next week
Feeling like I had a death in the family (food)
All the pills/vitamins

The Ugly
My thighs

I under estimated how hard this journey would be.  Even though things are improving I still regret my decision.  That feeling is slowly going away now that my good days are out-numbering the bad.  Hopefully once I develop a routine and better learn my limitations the feeling will disappear completely.

If anybody still remembers me I would love to hear how you started back.  Thinking about dusting myself off and returning to work makes me nauseous.  I have a fear that I will eat something and be hanging over the toilet in my office with my boss holding my hair back. 

As you see any tips will be helpful


  1. I personally feel that some of the post-op diets are too extreme. Mine was clear liquids 48 hrs, full liquids for a week, mushies for a week then regular food. I really didn't feel "normal" until I got back to regular food. Not sure if your post-op diet is effecting your feelings about the surgery, but just a thought. Glad the good days are more than the bad.

  2. 41 lost is realy great. The good days will become more and more, hang in there.

  3. That weight loss is awesome! I will continue to pray for you and I hope you come to like (not love) your decision and I know the journey is hard, but I'm here for you.