Friday, October 22, 2010


So I've realized a few things, and I would love to share them with the world.  Hopefully this will help another RNYer so they don't end up with Angry Pouch.

  • Your old life is gone
    • no matter what you heard, no matter what you read it's gone, and you best get with the program ASAP
  •  You need a plan
    • you can't wing it
    • you can't just grab something
    • spend some time on you and get a plan...QUICKLY
  • Sip It!
    • go ahead and think your Big Gulp Willy if you want to.  Get your fluids in, but remember to take it one sip at a time
  • Chew it good! (insert Devo - Whip It music)
    • unless you like to see your food again and again and again and again
  • Nobody is going to steal it
    • take your time and enjoy your five bites
  • Get off your ASS!
    • refer back to bullet #1...Ms. Couch Potato has left the building, and should be walking around the block by now
I'm really putting this is writing for my benefit as a new post-op.  I often read my blog and seeing this in purple in white will hopefully motivate me.  The scale hasn't moved in weeks, and I'm ready to get on with the show already.

Have a fab weekend and see you on Monday with my brand spanking new plan!!