Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Support Group

I will be attending my first support group meeting today.  I'm craving every drop of knowledge I can get about anything and everything Lap-Band.  I'm a bit nervous though, for some reason I don't give off a good first impression.  I think I'm super funny and very likable but most don't see that.  A friend always describes me as "to know me is to love me"  I bring that up to say I'm also looking for offline support.  I would love to find a local gym buddy or Lap-Band buddy to take this journey with.  I'm already having severe anxiety about my pre-op diet which doesn't even start until August 9th.  I'm really terrified that I'm going to starve to death.  I know that won't happen but when the hungry monster creeps up I'm not sure I will be able to deny him.  Anyway there is more to come about that in due time..I'm getting off topic here. 

Has anybody attended a hospital sponsored support group?  What types of questions are asked?  Do the members seem friendly?  Did you find yourself wanted to attend again?  Are they really helpful?  I'm certain nobody is reading this but I just need to ask the questions anyway

I will check back in later this week to update about my week.  I'm freaked about my sleep test on Thursday so I will be using this blog as a venting tool.  Feel free to ignore me  :)

*Goal-I'm going to steal this goal from Lapbandtalk.com  I would LOVE to use the "regular" stall in the bathroom.  I always feel like some poor handicap person is waiting for me to finish up.  It's really hard as a plus size woman especially during certain times of the month to be trapped in a small bathroom stall.  That will be a welcome change

Have a great week!

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