Tuesday, June 22, 2010


This is one of the Good News, Bad News posts.  My husband always asks which one do I want first...of course me being the glass half empty kind of girl I always pick bad.  That way I figure the good will cheer me up.

The Bad
I was really hoping to attend the upcoming BOOBS trip, but my husband politely reminded me that our anniversary is 9/25.  I remember one year we didn't even remember that it was our anniversary until one of our children reminded us.  After 15 yrs who can remember every single detail?  How that man still wants to stay married to me is anybody's guess...

The Good
After doing some careful assessments of my body the other day, I realized that most of my weight is housed from my fat flap down.  I know this because everyone tells me that I really don't look that "big butt" of course I'm always sitting when they say it.  When I stand and point out where my fat is stored they start singing a different tune.  So after I'm banded and then fat starts falling off the only place it could possible come from is my lower half (I know this isn't necessarily true but it's nice to dream).  This is VERY EXCITING NEWS because I may finally have a chance at having BOOBS.  My days of having my back look like my front could be over.  As you see I have serious BOOB envy.  I dream of the day when I can afford plastic surgery..not for a tummy tuck but for bigger BOOBS.  If I get them big enough you won't even notice the tummy! 
I've mentioned before that bra shopping is particular brutal for me.  I'm barely a b cup with a 42 band and nobody stocks bras with those measurements because most plus size women are big busted...well as a card caring member of the tea cup committee I wish they would change that.

Goal of the Post
I'm going to start working on my water intake.  My migraines are back in full force, and it may be because my liquid intake consists of my morning coffee and caffeine free diet coke until bed. I was chatting with a nurse and he told me I'm probably dehydrated.  Of course I had a light bulb moment and realized that could be possible considering what I just mentioned.  So I'm stocked with a bottle and my crystal light..wish me luck


  1. We are boobless soulmates (if you don't believe me, check out my before pictures in my latest post). I too dream some day of getting a breast augmentation, although I hope after losing weight I'll feel more comfortable boobless. I really wish I could meet you in Chicago, but I have a feeling there will be future gatherings down the road so hopefully we will meet up then.

  2. The post op diet is a good start. It did help me prep for after surgery.(5 wks out) I have lost 20 lbs all in my but and boobs. I was a 42 C, not filling them out the same but waiting to get the small around size to match the cups. Dreaming of a 36 B.

  3. I can certainly relate to being a 42 barely-B.

  4. It's very comforting to know I'm not alone

  5. Oh BOOBS...of all kinds..the real ones and trips! I'm so sad you aren't coming - so happy you might have big bazongas one day! I had mine sliced off and it was the best thing I ever did! And had a tummy tuck too! Good luck on your journey.

  6. Good luck with the migraines... those suck... I don't get them often, but until you've had one you have no clue!

    I'm not a busty girl either, so I'm in weight loss limbo because I don't want to lose any boobage. It would be great if we could target the body areas we do and do not want to lose fat. Someone could get VERY rich...

  7. Bummer you can't go!!!! Guess what, my DH and I celebrate our 15th anniversary that exact same weekend! I'm going anyway...and saving the festivities for the week before (or after). As for the real boobs...Yes! Go for it!!!!

  8. Your anniversary is days before my birthday, so now that I know, I will always remind you. I too share your boob delima, only I embrace my smallness and this is because I know many women who have them and wish they didnt. So, maybe with your weightloss you will learn to embrace your boobs for what they are and not try to "improve" them.