Monday, June 14, 2010

Nothing Good To Say

I'm trying to use that old saying of "If you don't have anything good to say then don't say anything at all"  I've been fairly miserable lately and I didn't want to reflect my misery on the blog world.  Then I thought if you're going to vent then might as well do it in cyberspace where nobody listens.

So the big news of the day is that I'm still fat..HA!  I've been trying to work on getting the diet under control in the hopes that I don't end up in Wal-Mart buying even bigger underwear.  That hasn't been at all successful.  Then of course the kids are on my last nerve.  Even the birds singing are pissing me off so you know things are bad.  Thank goodness I have therapy this week because the health and well being of innocent people could be in serious danger.  Enough of that before people begin to take me seriously...

A follow up to the approval letter thing.  I've since received my 3rd approval letter so I'm just going to presume that I'm all set.  After speaking with the delightful (NOT) J.J. in my doctor's office, she let me know that I'm approved for the Gastric Bypass.  I explained that I never asked for the bypass, and I was only interested in the sleeve or the band.  Then she went on to say (in her delightful tone) that I need to make a choice and I will NEVER be approved for the sleeve.  I just don't understand why people come to work and feel it's necessary to be rude for no reason at all.  Pity for her that we work for the same hospital and I know a few people round here.  Shameful to think that she treats "real" patients that way. 

Well I know this post has been filled with gumdrops and rainbows so I don't want to ruin it now.


Have a great week ya'll


  1. That beeyotch sure does sound rude! This is your choice--not the doctor's. Keep standing up for what you want and don't let them push you around!

    I'm sorry things have been shitty. Thinking of you, hun!

  2. Oh she sounds like a piece of work!!!

    Your Body, Your choice. Do what you want, don't let them bully you into something you will regret.

    Now chin up

  3. OMG - I think something clicks in when you turn 40 and when people are rude you just have to call them out on it. Let me get ahold of that wench. Congrats on your approval.

  4. She sounds rud...seems like she needs to get her Sh*t together...not you. hang in there

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